Python MySQLdb vs mysql-connector query performance | Charles Nagy

There are a lot of python driver available for MySQL and two stand out the most. The one, traditionally everybody’s choice, sort of industrial standard MySQLdb.

Source: Python MySQLdb vs mysql-connector query performance | Charles Nagy

Latency, Packet loss Troubleshooting (PowerConnect, Others)

Hasan Mansur


First, know your network. know the topology. if you have a network in place where by design, the majority of the variables are deterministic & not left to chance, the task gets a lot simpler. with this out of the way, the following are the different outputs and avenues that might shed further light on what is happening, and why.

1. Outputs:

 a. While the problem is occuring AND while it is not occuring. Get the output of the following commands:

• console# show process cpu             ( check IPMapForwarding, BcmRx )

• console# show ip stats                      (check ICMP )

• console# show arp          (Total vs Peak Entries, Cache size, Age time, Dynamic renew mode)

• console# show bridge address-table

• console# show spanning-tree            (Portfast…

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