Ping Your Ansible From Slack


We have been using Ansible for all our Deployments, Code Updates, Inventory Management. We have also built a higher level API for Ansible called bootstrapper. Bootstrapper provides a rest API for executing various complex tasks via Ansible. Also, there is a simple python CLI for bootstrapper called bootstrappercli which interacts with the bootstrapper servers in our prod/staging env and performs the tasks. We have been using slack for our team interactions and it became a part of my chrome tabs always. We also have a custom slack callback plugin, that provides us a real time callback for each step of playbook execution.

Since bootstrapper is providing a sweet API, we decided to make Slack to directly talk to Ansible,. After googling for some time, i came across a simple slackbot called limbo, written in Python(offcourse) and the best part is its plugin system. It?s super easy to write…

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