Installing NDJBDNS on CentOS 6.4


Today I’m going to install a DNS server for my virtual lab!

This article is also valid for CentOS 6.3. I’ve updated this post removing some mistakes.

If you want a simple setup, use dnsmasq as it’s a really good solution and there are lots of fine tutorials out there, but if you are reading looking for DJBDNS, let me tell you that I started working with it when BIND (and other servers) suffered from a serious security problem. I loved it because it wasn’t vulnerable and easy to use though the installation was a little bit tricky.

Dr Daniel J. Berstein’s created djbdns as an alternative to BIND a long time ago, but the official website looks like if it hasn’t been updated in the last years. I still use the examples and howtos in that website.

Last week I found this page about NDJBDNS (New-DJBDNS)  offering “a brand…

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