Commands to check hardware

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The cool thing about linux is, everything in linux is a file. Hard disk, compact disk, memory, virtually anything is a file.

Dig the right files and you will get right info

dmidecode gives a detailed list of hardware info ( one awesome command). If you are looking something specific try grep.

You can find out your hardware such as:
* IPMI Device
* Type of memory and speed
* Chassis Information
* Temperature Probe
* Cooling Device
* Electrical Current Probe
* Processor and Memory Information
* Serial numbers
* BIOS version
* PCI / PCIe Slots and Speed
* Much more

General syntax is:

dmidecode –type {KEYWORD/NUMBER}

Keyword and numbers can be:

Keyword                   Number


bios                    0, 13

system                1, 12, 15, 23, 32

baseboard          2, 10, 41

chassis               3

processor           4

memory              5…

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