Safely pairing HA-Proxy with virtual network interface providers like Keepalived or Heartbeat

Nathan Evans' Nemesis of the Moment

This is sort of a follow-up to the Deploying HA-Proxy + Keepalived with Mercurial for distributed config post.

During testing we were coming across an issue where the HA-Proxy instance running on the slave member of our cluster would fail to bind some of its frontend proxies:

After some head scratching I noticed that the problem was only arising on those proxies that explicitly defined the IP address of a virtual interface that was being managed by Keepalived (or maybe Heartbeat for you).

This is because both of these High-Availability clustering systems use a rather simplistic design whereby the “shared” virtual IP is only installed on the active node in the cluster. While the nodes that are in a dormant state (i.e. the slaves) do not actually have those virtual IPs assigned to them during that state. It’s a sort of “IP address hot-swapping” design. I learnt this by executing…

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