Difference between Socket and Port

Imagine you computer as a House with many doors. The address of your house would be equal to the the IP address of a computer. Each door would be equal to a computer’s port. A socket would sit at a door and listen and talk. A socket is an a a connection to another computer. It would sit at one of your doors and yell across the street to your neighbour’s house. In order to do this, you need to know what door your neighbour is listening at otherwise he can’t answer. You call up your neighbour and he tells you that he is listening on port 150. You pick a random door at your house with a number above 1024 and make sure it’s empty. If it isn’t, you find another one and repeat.(This is usually handled by the socket and you don’t need to specify this.) Then you open this door and throw a rock to your neighbour’s house across the street and hit the door nunmbered 150. Your neighbour opens his door(#150) and you now can talk to him and send him data.



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