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AutoScaling your Kubernetes cluster on AWS

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One of the challenges I have faced in the last few months is the autoscaling of my Kubernetes cluster. This is perfectly working on Google Cloud, however as my cluster is deployed on AWS I have no such fortune. However since recently the autoscaling support for AWS has been made possible due to this little contribution that was made: https://github.com/kubernetes/contrib/tree/master/cluster-autoscaler/cloudprovider/aws

In this post I want to describe how you can autoscale your kubernetes cluster based on the container workload. This is a very important principle because normal autoscaling by AWS can not do this on metrics available to the cluster, it can only do it on for example memory or cpu utilisation. What we want is that in case a container cannot be scheduled on a cluster because there are not enough resources the cluster gets scaled out.

Defining resource usage

One of the very important things to do when…

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